About us

The company was originally founded back in 1998 and in 2013 was restructured and separated to the two main divisions today – Onik Building and Onik Maintenance Divisions.
Although it started with a modest amount of capital today Onik Build is growing fast in every aspect in order to meet the demand of the fast growing industry. We are supported by a strong management team compromising operatives with relevant technical experience.
We strongly believe that our exceptional expertise, friendly manner and experienced staff members are conductive to the productivity and the quality of our surrounding. We strive to provide excellent service to satisfy the challenging requirements of our clientele.
We are proud to have worked with some of the most prestigious organisations in London and have achieved remarkable results in quality and standards. We have been entrusted with maintaining and repairing unique pieces of furniture which has helped us gain a very exclusive experience.
“For me our values are more than several points on a poster. I believe our ambition of dominating professional services, can only be achieved if quality, integrity and trust define everything we do and who we are”
Rayna Chamasanyan - CFO